Friday, June 24, 2011


Have you seen Hillsborough County's recommended budget yet? You can see the full budget and many supporting documents at

Let us know how you feel about the direction we are headed.

You can also view the past Board Budget Workshops and Public Hearings at


  1. Dear Ms. Wise,

    We respectfully ask that CIP line item 62232 be removed from the Budget for the following reasons:

    1. All three engineers at the Hillsborough County Center have said [off the record] that the bridge is safe -

    2. A Doctor of civil engineering at USF who specializes in prolonging the life of these kind of bridge says it is safe.

    3. There is a unfinished bridge structural study that is at the Hillsborough County bridge engineers inspection office that says the bridge is safe.

    4. The company that was paid a very large sum reported the bridge unsafe, that same company is now in a joint venture with a company that is biding to demolish the same bridge.


    Someone or group and or something unexplained is "driving" this project; is it to gin project for monetary gain by to make money - since there seems to be no other reason to spend $4,000,000 especially now that parks and community centers are being closed,

    Yet there is no compelling reason to spend $4,000,000 to destroy a small section of the bridge that most professional deem save.

    We asked for your help to please removed CIO 62232 from the Budget until this matter is settled.

    We look forward to your recommendations,

    Neil Cosentino
    Tampa Bay Friends of the Friendship Trail Bridge [TBFFTB]

  2. Get rid of Animal Services. That is a $6,500,000 a year savings. Why is this department still around with this budget issue?

  3. Outsource Animal Services as soon as possible. This department needs to go as quickly as Security Service was outsourced. The BOCC can no longer afford this joke of a department.

  4. Of all the departments under the BOCC Animal Service is the one that needs to be urgently outsourced. All of Hillsborough County will be a better place for it.

  5. Animal Services budget: $6.6 million dollars.

    Outsource this department.

  6. The citizens of Hillsborough County are stuck with Animal Services again. Why is this department not outsourced. It is worthless. A $6.6 million dollar a year waste.